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Medical Billing Essays

Medical Billing Essays Medical Billing Paper Medical Billing Paper Medical billing process transpires between an insurance company and a healthcare provider. Basically, in order for healthcare providers to obtain payment and be indemnified for the services they provided, they necessarily submit and follow up medial billing claim to the insurance companies. The imbursement of a claim is based on a precise amount previously agreed by the insurance company and healthcare provider. Initially, the insurance company will verify the authenticity of the medical billing claim that was presented for payment. If for what ever reason the medical billing claim did not meet the insurance company’s standards, then the billing will be rejected and the claim will be consequently denied. Several people do not understand that the procedure of filing medical billing claims is very strenuous, energy-draining and time consuming for the healthcare providers. In addition, it takes 60 to120 days to collect the claims’ imbursements (American Business Systems). Unfortunately, as a result over 30 percent of these claims are continually being rejected. However, healthcare providers have two fundamental alternatives to avoid or at least reduce the rejection of claims; by hiring at least one dependable staff, or by hiring reliable independent medical verifiers. The additional staffs are assigned in filing the time-consuming and labor intensive medical billing claims. If the medical billing claim is rejected, the staffs are then duty bound to find out what caused the rejection, solve it, and re-submit the claim. On the other hand, with the same responsibilities, medical verifiers present a useful outsourcing alternative for the healthcare providers. Unlike most healthcare providers, these verifiers generally use their computers to make more efficient the medical billing process. Nevertheless, to eliminate or at least reduce the number of rejected claims, these appointed assistants must carefully complete the required claim forms, by carefully searching out the correct codes placed in the medical problem and treatment of the insured; make sure that significant terms are not misused; and must be aware on what services are covered and who are eligible for the medical coverage. Every minute detail on the paperwork must therefore be filled out carefully and correctly. Reference American Business Systems. (n. d. ). How American Business Systems’ state-of-the-art, Real-time Electronic Medical Billing solves billing challenges for doctors†¦and lets you build a stable, high-profit business. Retrieved February 13, 2009, from absystems. com/real-time-electronic-medical-

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Case study Response Case of the Rotary Compressor Essay

Case study Response Case of the Rotary Compressor - Essay Example Another factor that caused the disaster was lack of expertise for successful design and implementation of the venture. While suggestions were made for outsourcing, and an experienced personnel offered services besides proposals for joint ventures with experienced organizations, General electric resorted to using its personnel that turned out to be inefficient. Reducing the testing period for the product from the proposed two years to two months is another cause of the disaster as flaws could not be adequately detected (Evans, 2007). Responsibility over these failures lies with both the line supervisor and the company’s top management. The line supervisor failed to recognize the potential threats to the project’s success and to enlighten the top management for informed decision making. The management is also responsible for its decision to use internal human resource for the project instead of the proposed outsourcing (Evans, 2007). The disaster might have been prevented by the management implementation of suggestions and recommendations at lower level of the organization’s structure. These included the expressed opinions of the company’s engineering technicians as well as a consultant’s opinion that called for extra measures in undertaking the project. Respecting the proposals would have designed an efficient product, free from the later identified faults. Another possible initiative that could have prevented the disaster is competence in decision making among the organization’s top management. Similarly, adherence to the originally stipulated ‘two-year’ testing period would have identified the project’s problems for either corrective measures or alternative projects (Evans, 2007). The major learnt lesson from the case is the fact that operational efficiency is a very important aspect in a production process. Such efficiencies require focus from a project’s first step, which is preliminary research on feasibility, up to evaluation of a

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A comparison of the UK housing market with the Bulgarian housing Essay

A comparison of the UK housing market with the Bulgarian housing market - Essay Example Irrespective of the developed, developing or under developed countries, people usually have the habit of taking loans for purchasing or constructing a house. The difficulties in getting loans have prevented people across the world to think about purchasing a home at present and the real estate business people were forced to reduce their activities because of the less demand for buildings. Even though the latter half of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 have shown some sign of a revival, many people are still hesitant in spending much on the housing market. UK and Bulgaria are two European countries in which lot of construction activities were going on earlier. But the global recession has badly affected these countries and the construction sector and the housing market are going through a bad patch. UK is one of the strong and developed countries in the world whereas Bulgaria is economically poor compared to UK. Both the countries have democratic administration at present though the head of UK is the monarch at least on paper. Bulgaria was under communist regime earlier. Stevenson (2010) has reported that the economy is emerging out from recession and grew slightly in the fourth quarter of last year in UK. Moreover, industrial production also increased in last November more than expected (Stevenson, 2010). As per the article Best Bulgarian Real Estate – Your Trust Worthy Bulgarian Real Estate Partner (2008), the Bulgarian property market is the current investment hotspot and offers countless opportunities to any open-minded investor. A recently released report by the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction, property prices in Bulgaria have increased by 145% in the last three years. Moreover the value of the Bulgarian properties has risen 5 times after the country joined the European Union in 2007 (Bulgarian Real Estate

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Oil And Gas Industry Essay Example for Free

Oil And Gas Industry Essay Petroleum in one form or other has always been the most useful natural resource of man. More than four thousand years ago, Herodotus, a Greek historian of 5th century B. C. E and Diodrus Siculus, a historian of Agyrim Sicily in C A 90 B C– C A 30 B C discovered that Babylon were using Asphalt black substance found in Petroleum during the construction of the walls and towers of Babylon. In 1410 AD, native Americans were harvesting the oil for medicinal purposes. It was in 1859, in the quite farm country of North Western Pennsylvania that the drilling of the first most important crucial oil well took place. This well began to be known as the Drake Well after the name of Colonel Edwin Drake, the man who gave the idea of drilling the well for commercial use. This was the first phase of the history of Oil Industry, which gave new lease to our lives. (The Paleontological Research Institution, The History of Oil) Today, the Oil and Gas Industry has touched every sphere of our lives. It is the most depleted and yet the most used natural resource by the economies all around the world. With the increase in new explorations and technological developments, the natural oil and gas production is increasing at the rate of two billion cubic feet a day, and currently Devon Energy is one of the largest and independent oil and gas producers in the United States. Based in Oklahoma City, it is supplying three percent of the gas consumed in North America and producing 600,000 barrels of oil a day. The company is also drilling more than 2000 oil wells every year in North America in an area stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the northernmost reaches of Canada. (O G Next Generation Oil and Gas, 2007) There are many unpredictable reasons, like over all economic growth, continuous development in technology, change in energy prices, change in weather patterns and public policy decisions which led to the changes in the levels of production and in demand and supply. According to Energy Information Administration projections from 2007 to 2030, the total production of domestic liquid embracing crude oil, natural gas plant liquids, refinery processing gains and other refinery inputs, is expected to see a tremendous increase. The reason behind the increase is the growth in refinery processing and other refinery inputs. It is projected that this growth will compensate any predicted reduction in crude oil production after 2017. This increase in the production owes to some extent to the high tech oil recovery methods, the increase in the production in the deep waters in Gulf of Mexico, higher resource assumptions for the Bakken Shale formation in the Williston Basin. (Energy Information Administration, 2007) As per the AEO2007 reference case, the total domestic natural gas production including the supply of supplement natural gas reflects an increase from 18. 3 trillion cubic feet in 2005 to 21. trillion cubic feet in 2022. (Energy Information Administration, 2007) This clearly shows that in-spite of the factors that have led to the increase in the energy prices since 2000, the growing influence of developing countries on world-wide energy requirements, enactment of legislation and regulations in the United States, the rising need for the alternative source of energy and the need for the energy technologies did not hamper the growth of Oil and Gas Industry. United States of America is one of the largest economies in the world with the per capita Gross Domestic Product to be $43,500. The Central Intelligence Agency, 2007). The economy of America depends on the crude oil for fuels to be used in the transportation purpose. Seeing the current economic scenario and increase in the demand for the fuel, the demand for the light oil production all over the world is expected to increase and will reach to the point where supply of the oil will going to be far less than the demand. This will result in the imbalance in the supply and increase in the price of oil and fuel especially for military and strategic purposes. More than 60 per cent of the fuel requirements of United States of America is met by imports and at this current state of affairs, United States of America have to bear the cost at price level of $55/Bbl could be increased twice, from 9. 9 MM Bbl/d to nearly 20 MM Bbls/dby2025. (Online Edition) As the imports will increase, there is every possibility that America could face price shocks, supply disruptions, and fuels shortages. According to the EIA/AEO estimates, the average import price of oil from 2005 to 2020 could make United State Gross Domestic product to reduce by more than $ 1. 1 trillion. The department of Energy and the honorable President of America suggested that the need of the hour is to rely on the domestic sources for the increase in the liquid supplies. (Online Edition) And the best source is the production of Shale Oils; converted into liquid fuels, provide fuel for the transportation of military and civilian purposes. Currently the Oil shale resources can be found in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah and hope is on the anvil that with the efforts of the Government, industry and other stakeholders, the oil shale production can reach 2 MM Bbl/D by 2020. The prices of the Crude Oil which have been showing an increase since last two months is expected to reach at the pinnacle of its monthly average price in August. The RAC of crude oil in 2007 is estimated at the rate of 64. 86 per barrel as compared to $ 60. 23 per barrel in 2006 and in 2008 is expected to be 68. 75 per barrel. This increase is due to the tight world oil supply and demand balance. 2007 can witness the increase in the total gas consumption by 4 percent and the LNG imports can go up to 850 bcf, which would be a record in upper scale. This is clear from the fact that despite the increase in the demand of bio-fuels and other non-hydroelectric renewable energy sources and subsequently the construction of new nuclear power plants, the Oil and Gas Industry is expected to supply same 86-percent share of the total U. S. primary energy in 2030, which they were giving in 2005 Year after year, there has been very less growth in retail sales to just 3. 2% year in April whereas there has been increase in the gas stations. Because of the growth of wholesale energy prices to 3. 4 per cent, the Producer Price Index (PPI) increased to 0. % in April. Due to the increase in oil prices and stable demand, there was a trade deficit by $6 billion. (Pod cast Directory, 2007). According to Chicago Fed’s annual Automotive Outlook Symposium, the economic growth in 2007 is seen to be slower than in 2006, with inflation and the unemployment rate increased. The prices of the Energy also increased in the middle months of 2006, but after that they fell, at an average of $60 per barrel in the fourth quarter. This led to the increase in inflation by 1. 9 per cent as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is less than 3. per cent than previous year. (Strauss Engel, 2007) This phrase â€Å"Oil flows the Nation grows† is evidently true when it comes to Oil and Gas. The increase in the price of Oil also increases the over all Consumer Price Index, especially in September 2005, which was 1. 2 per cent, highest in 25 years. The increase in imports of energy increases the trade deficit, on the average the increase in oil prices to 10 per cent leads to 150,000 Americans to lose their jobs, and over and above we have to loose between $80 billion and $160 billion in economic growth. In September 2005, it was estimated that 40 percent increase in gas prices reduced the total domestic consumption by 0. 4 percent and the GDP fell to an estimated 0. 9 percent. In fact even the Consumer spending was reduced. But there is an increase in the profits among the major players in Oil and Industry. Only in the beginning of 2005, the five largest oil companies were making profits of $52. 2 billion, which was less in 2004, only $39. 5 billion. (Democrats Policy Committee, 2005). The study on the impact of Oil Price by An International Energy Agency in 2004 revealed that the repercussions of the high prices on economy will be minimum and this proves to be as High oil prices became most important macro economic variable. It is apparently quite clear that with the new technologies are in the offing, the Oil and gas Industry will strike more. The earnings from the Industry are being invested in new technology, new production, and environmental and product quality improvements to meet the requirements of Generation next. According the Oil Gas Journal estimates, the Industry spends $85. 7 billion in 2005, whereas in 2004 it spend just $80. 7 billion in 2004 and in 2003 $75. 5 billion. (Cavaney, 2006). The threat to the Oil Industry is from the alternative sources of energy like bio fuels and other non-hydroelectric renewable energy sources and subsequently the construction of new nuclear power plants, yet the Oil and Gas Industry is expected to supply same 86-percent share of the total U.  S. primary energy in 2030, which they were giving in 2005. (Energy Information Administration, 2007). As the study above reveals that though the production of oil and gas is on the increase but it is not able to meet the demand and to maintain a balance between the demand and supply, The Government and Energy department is taking initiative to increase in the Shale Oils for liquid fuels.

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Human Cloning is Wrong :: Argumentative Persuasive Topics

Human Cloning is Wrong I bet many of you have seen Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Multiplicity, or many of the other movies that describe cloning. Most of what you see in these movies is false. What you don't know if that cloning could be dangerous, to the clone and to our society as a whole. It's unethical to have a human clone. What about identity? Humans are guaranteed the right to their own personality. What would happen if we overrode those rights by giving them someone else's genetic identity? True, personality is not bounded in someone's genes, but the clone would share any physical appearance or genetic defect of the cloned. Also, there is a large power struggle here. Cloning involves a degree of power and control over another person's physical identity and that violates their rights and degrades their unique individuality. The person doing the cloning would have more power than any parent would have. Cloning would also deal with killing embryos. You might not have known, but Dolly, the sheep that was cloned in 1996, was one of over 200 sheep embryos and hers was the only embryo that survived. The rest died or were thrown away. Imagine if the failure rate was that high when we started to clone humans. More than 200 embryos, the start of 200 human beings, would die for the sake of just one embryo that would have the same DNA as some one else. Cloning someone, at this present time, would be extremely dangerous to the birth mother and the clone. In studies done on cows, 4 out of 12 birth mothers died. There is also a very high abnormality rate for the clone. There is a very high failure rate, which is showed in the cloning of Dolly.

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Gravitational Force

Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation Apples had a significant contribution to the discovery of gravitation. The English physicist Isaac Newton (1642-1727) introduced the term â€Å"gravity† after he saw an apple falling onto the ground in his garden. â€Å"Gravity† is the force of attraction exerted by the earth on an object. The moon orbits around the earth because of gravity too. Newton later proposed that gravity was just a particular case of gravitation. Every mass in the universe attracts every other mass. This is the main idea of Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation. A portrait of Issac Newton. Courtesy of AIP Emilio Segre VisualArchives, W. F. Meggers Collection. The law was published in Newton's famous work, the Principia (â€Å"Mathematical Principles of Natural Knowledge†) in 1687. It states that every particle in the universe exerts a force on every other particle along the line joining their centers. The magnitude of the force is directly proportion al to the product of the masses of the two particles, and inversely proportional to the square of the distances between them. In mathematical terms: By team C007571, ThinkQuest2000. where and are the masses of the two particles, r is the distance between the two masses, F is the gravitational force between hem, and G is the universal gravitational constant, . The above equation only calculates the gravitational force of the simplest case between two particles. What if there are more than two? In that case, we calculate the resultant gravitational force on a particle by finding the vector sum of all the gravitational forces acting on it: By adding the unit vector to the equation, F now processes a direction! Interactively test the effects of gravitation on planets! Newton derived the relation in such a way that F is proportional to m because the force on a falling body (remember the apple? ) is directly roportional to its mass by Newton's 2nd law of motion: F = ma, so F is proportion al to m . When the earth exerts a force on the falling body, by Newton's 3rd law of Motion, the falling body exerts an equal and opposite force on the earth. Therefore, the gravitational force F is proportional to both the masses of the falling body and the earth, i. e. and . The inverse square relationship , was justified by observing the motion of the moon. View of a full moon. Courtesy of NIX NASA Image Exchange Photo ID: AS11-44-6667 Date Taken: 07/21/69 Johannas Kepler Courtesy of : AIP Emilio Segre Visual Archives. Newton's Law of UniversalGravitation has successfully explained the observation on planetary movements made by the German astronomer Kepler (1571-1630). It works perfectly well in the world of ordinary experience and has dominated for about 250 years. It, however, shows its shortcomings when explaining the unusual orbit of Mercury around the Sun. It breaks down when the gravitational forces get very strong or involving bodies moving at speeds near that of light. Ein stein's General Theory of Relativity of 1915, which has overcome this limitations of Newton's Law, was able to demonstrate a better theory of gravitation. Home Gravitational potential energy

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Roots of American Democracy Essay - 642 Words

America is a country whose emergence is contributed to many sources. More specifically, the American form of Democracy stretch back beyond the formation of the United States, having origin in ancient Greek thinking, the Enlightenment, as well as the English and their injustice, The United States owes its birth as a country to many areas of influence. The Ancient Greeks were the first to put the power of a nation in the hands of the average citizen, they created the idea of the democratic government, practiced as a direct democracy. Voting, political assembly, and official citizenship are all concepts that can be traced back to Classical Grecian ideas .The Romans developed the concept of the representative democracy .This was best†¦show more content†¦Natural Rights (Locke) appear in the declaration of Independence as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Jean Rousseau developed the idea of the social contract and the notion of replacing a government that fails to mai ntain consent is cited as justification for the American Revolution against the English. Another field of influence for American Democracy lies in the English .English rule passed the English Bill of Rights in 1689, a similar declaration of which can be found in the American Bill of Rights. The English were also the first superpower to institute rule by Parliament. Parliament is a form of legislature in which power is distributed between two Houses (House of Commons and the House of Lords). The American system of Checks and Balances between three separate institutions (Judiciary, Executive and Legislative) owes its existence primarily to the English Parliament. Over the centuries, English influence on American government has been great, and today these influences can still be seen in everyday American life, The Colonial Experiences encountered by early American citizens before the revolution have impacted contemporary United States Government. For example, The Virginia House of Bur gesses was the first instance of representative democracy in the New World. It involved a form of Congress, with 2 representative politicians per state. Smaller towns and outposts held town meetings, in which a fairly primitive form ofShow MoreRelatedEssay on Roots of American Democracy2355 Words   |  10 PagesWhen referring to classical antiquity period, most think of Greece and Rome dominating and flourishing in the areas of philosophy, sciences, mathematics and literature. One other admirable achievement, the establishment of early forms of democracy, came from this time period and should not be overlooked as it is the historical basis of our government today. The Founding Fathers of the United States were influenced by Greek and Roman concepts in law, government structure, and even philosophy. ConceptsRead MoreThe Facade Of Universal Inclusion1539 Words   |  7 Pagesimage of liberalism would also include obligation. This paper will argue that a fuller image of liberalism is not a prescription to end white citizenship, because universal inclusion will not address the root issue that white citizenship is inherently etched indelibly into the fabric of American politics. Opponents may argue that liberalism gives everyone with property the same rights through universal inclusion. People enter social contracts in order to protect their property. A fuller image ofRead MoreIssues Of Inequality And Poor Healthcare Essay1694 Words   |  7 Pageshealthcare, while are arguably equal in importance to the livelihood of human beings, differ in the tractability for change. The analysis of inequality is necessary due to the fact that inequality inhibits economic growth and social mobility, impairs democracy, and eludes a certain standard of fairness. Social mobility is the ability for individuals or families to move between social classes. Heavily rooted inequality inhibits such movement due to the fact that the sects of society become so entrenchedRead MoreLiberal Democracy Vs. Totalitarianism1198 Words   |  5 PagesLiberal Democracy versus Totalitarianism â€Å"Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past† is the slogan of the Party in Orwell’s â€Å"Nineteen Eighty-Four† (1949). In other words, in a totalitarian society, the government controls the past and the future by controlling the present; force the society and disrespect the individual rights are the main power of the government. There were some examples of the totalitarian societies. However, there was more examplesRead More Americas Democracy Essay1091 Words   |  5 PagesAmericas Democracy The United States of America is a republic, or representative democracy. Democracy, a word that comes to us from Greek, literally means the people rule (Romance, July 8). This broad definition leaves unanswered a few important details such as who are the people, how shall they rule, and what should they rule on (July 8). Defining the answers to those questions means defining a model for a democratic system. William E. Hudson defines four such models in his book American DemocracyRead MoreThe Influence of Imperialism on Racism818 Words   |  3 Pagessubjected to the whites’ control. On the other hand, imperialism led to the occurrences of wars, which caused the whites’ prejudice that black soldiers could not regulate themselves without the direction of white officers. The article The African Roots of War by W.E.B. Du Bois and the article The Rough Riders by Theodore Roosevelt can support my point of view. In the 19th century, western countries began to expand the economy through imperialist methods such as colonization. In order to justifyRead MoreThe Challenge For Property Qualifications For Voting907 Words   |  4 PagesOne basis of political democracy in this period was the challenge to property qualifications for voting. It began in the American Revolution but culminated in the early nineteenth century. After the Revolution, no new state required property ownership to vote, and in older states, constitutional conventions in the 1820s and 1830s abolished property qualifications, partly because the growing number of wage earners who did not own much property demanded the vote. In the South, however, where largeRead MoreUs Foreign Policy Essay865 Words   |  4 PagesVietnam War, where the United States found itself heavily committed to the survival of South Vietnam while at the same time, finding itself incapable of pushing for structural and democratic reform. Successive Americ an administrations and the media tried to picture Diem as an advocate of democracy while ignoring the fact that Diem had little interest in governing by the rule of law. An increasing number of Vietnamese viewed the Diem government as an authoritarian regime. However, for the United StatesRead MorePursuing Democracy : An Analysis Of The Development Of American Government755 Words   |  4 PagesPursuing Democracy: An Analysis of the Development of American Government The passing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 marks the beginning of of the United States of America, but the ideas that influenced the development of American government have roots extending to the dawn of civilization. As long as humans have lived in community, the desire to keep order has spawned many experiments in finding an effective system of government. Examination of the development of American governmentRead MoreThe Health Of American Politics Essay1053 Words   |  5 PagesThe Health of American Politics/Democracy In this paper, I am going to write about two topics which they are the American politics and the American democracy. I am going to discuss one issue regarding each topic. In the topic of American politics, I will describe the negative impact of the Israeli lobby on the American Politic. After that, I will describe the negative impact of the electoral college system on the American democracy. The Israeli lobby and the electoral college system are affecting